R. Kim Shultz, Composer


I am currently based in Chicago, IL and compose film music for projects internationally.  My musical background was developed early in life.  I was immersed in private and higher education musical training; after which I gained a great deal of practical experience as a professional performer.  My musical focus was in stringed instruments, keyboard, percussion and vocals.  I was a professional performer for over 15 years and performed throughout the United States.

After retiring from live musical performance and becoming very successful in the corporate world, I redirected my passions back to music composition in 2008.  My primary focus is music composition for film, video games and trailers.  I am very familiar with all music styles and can compose in any genre.

I studied Music Theory at Rose State College, Music for Media at Think Space Education, and Orchestration for Film at Berklee College of Music.  I also earned a Master’s Degree, in International Business, from George Washington University.  I am a BMI Composer, Six Sigma Certified, and a Certified Project Manager.  The two later certifications may seem odd in the music industry; however, they have served my musical career well.  Six-Sigma is a discipline based on quality/defect free work and Project Management is a discipline based on delivering projects on time and within budget.


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